Anita beauty


Anita Beauty

The Anita Beauty team offers professional services with branded products: daytime, evening or occasion coat, bridal brides, modern haircut, dyed, padded, padded, stunning, 100% natural hair extensions with clips, keratin, microinel, nanoinel or tape cosmetic treatments, facial massage, face makeup, day makeup, false eyelashes, brush, dyed eyebrows and eyebrows, relaxing massage, hair removal, toning massage, slimming massage, cellulite massage, vacuum, electrostimulation, thermocouple, electric blanket, waxed with disposable wax, waxed with traditional wax, sugar-coated, nail-based acrylic or gel nail, piercing, 3D acrylic models, permanent colored gel, thermosensitive torch, caviar, velvet, crakcle glaze, nail painting, classic manicure or SPA, classical pedicure or SPA