Casino in Constanta

Casino in Constanta.

             Liberal Mayor Cristea Georgescu concluded on July 23, 1903, a contract with arch. Daniel Renard for the design of the new Casino, following the decisions no. 7 and 8 of the Communal Council held in the sessions of 17 June and 19 July 1903. It is the act of birth of the current Casino!

The casino, from 1903 until 1986, the year of the last renovation, had several changes, both in terms of expansion and overbuilding, as well as of interior spaces or functions.

In 1903 architect Daniel Renard conceived the Casino starting from the idea of ​​a central body with a ground floor and a floor, with a monumental staircase on the side of the harbor and surrounded by terraces overlaid on the other three sides. Downstairs they were included in three open porches through which they could communicate freely, and the terraces upstairs were uncovered. The core of this body rises imposingly creating a dominant composition. Here was the ballroom and shows, with a small alveolus for the scene. This room was illuminated on two large opposite sides (towards Elisabeth Boulevard and to the sea) of two giant windows in the form of a chased horseshoe like a shell. The northeast portico was marked by two circular corner volumes. In the area of ​​this portico the first changes will be made.